Automotive Emergency Locksmith
  • Local Trade Qualified
  • All Major Makes & Models
  • Professional Diagnostic Programming

Are You Locked Out? Keys Been Misplaced?

Imperial Locksmiths can unlock all type of vehicles including prestige European cars with high security locks. Our skilled automotive locksmiths will open your car using the most efficient method without causing damage to your pride and joy.

Remote / Transponder Car Keys
  • Car Keys Lost?
  • After a Spare Transponder Key?
  • Remote Key Not Working?

We Cut Car Keys!

Using our sophisticated diagnostic equipment we can reset car immobiliser systems and program transponder and remote keys. If you have an immobiliser related issue we can come and test your system and troubleshoot the immobiliser key problem and diagnose where the problem may be to fix or rule out the issue.

Smart / Prox / Keyless Car Keys
  • Smart Key Lost?
  • Proximity Key Stolen?
  • Need a Spare Proximity Key?

We Program Late Model Keys!

We supply and program genuine proximity car keys to almost all makes and models, even when all of your keys have been misplaced. Using our specialist key programming diagnostic tools we can clear out any existing key fob that is no longer in your possession.

Car Ignition / Door Locks
  • Locks Not Working Properly?
  • Ignition Lock Stuck?
  • Locks Require Rekeying?

Key Won't Turn?

We can resolve your problem onsite and get you back on the road in no time. Depending on the cause, we can cut new car keys back to the original factory specs using a computerised cutting machine, repair locks, rebuild locks and replace with genuine or after market locks.

  • Car Key Programming
  • Auto Lock Repairs
  • Vehicle Unlocking
  • Car Key Replacement
  • ECU Resetting
  • Laser Key Cutting
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I've Lost the car keys to my late model car, it's the type where you leave it in your pocket and push start for the ignition. Do you make those types of car keys?

A. Yes, they are called proximity keys and we have all the necessary immobiliser programming tools and equipment to make new proximity keys to 95% of the cars on our roads.

Q. I'm trying to turn the key key in my ignition but it just wont turn. Is there anything you can do?

A. Yes, If your car key isn't turning in the door lock or ignition lock it will usually be caused by wear in the lock or key or a combination of both.
This is a pretty common problem we deal with regularly and we can fix this issue onsite.

Q. I can't find the key to my car anywhere, it's the old type that you turn in the door lock to lock and unlock it. Can you cut a new key to the lock without replacing the locks?

A. Yes, we can come out to your car and complete the job onsite, we just have to decode the locks and then we can cut new keys to suit.

Q. My place was broken into and all of my keys were stolen, my insurance company has advised to have all of the locks changed on my car and house. Can you help me?

A. Yes, we can totally replace the keys to your car to stop the stolen keys from accessing and starting your car, we will change the mechanical locks and reprogram the immobiliser system then the stolen keys will not open or start your car. Changing the locks on your house is also no problem, that can be completed at the same time as your car.

Q. I only have 1 key to my car. Do you do key replacements?

A. Yes, that is no problem we can cut and program a complete spare key for you.

Gold Coast Car Key Locksmith

The Automotive Locksmiths on the Gold Coast, Imperial Locksmiths mobile workshop is equiped with the latest key programming and cutting tools, specialising in all cars from older cars to late model European cars covering all of the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast regions, whether you're on the at the beach, on the side of the road, at home, your office or the shopping centre we will come to you.

Keys for late model cars contain a transponder chip that turns the immobiliser off which allows the car to start, these are RFID chips. If you no longer have any keys for your car we can come out and cut and programs keys from scratch onsite for you which will save you time and money.

Cars manufacturers are designing their security with more thought than previously, making cars much more secure and difficult for thieves to break into. The old coat hanger trick will only cause scratches. Most new cars on the road have high security mechanical locks and also electronic deadlocking so gaining entry requires more knowledge specialist tools and skill to retrieve your keys.

We specialise in making car keys from scratch which is when there is no existing key present for the car, we know what's required for your particular year, make and model of car because more often than not we've worked on the same model of car multiple times previously.

If your car key has been lost or you're after a spare, you will find easier utilising our mobile service where we come out to your home or workplace and cut and program keys using our specialist automotive locksmith tools, avoiding the extra expense and time involved to book your car into a dealer or having your car towed.

Has your ignition key stopped turning all the way or not at all?
Ignition locks and door locks are mechanical and contain moving parts which can wear out over time, once they wear out they won't operate correctly and cause the ignition lock to become jammed and won't turn anymore, also the door lock will have the same issues. Depending on the amount of wear we can possibly just replace the worn parts without replacing the whole lock and have you back on the road. New locks can also be coded to the exiting key so you can avoid having a second key.

Most manufacturers have planned obsolescence built into their products these days and that doesn't exclude new cars and all their parts including car keys, a lot of genuine car keys have a limited life span and the rubber buttons perish, the plastic becomes brittle and they can just snap and break. If this happens we can supply you with brand new keys.

Replacement remote key casing, has the plastic key case cracked? Have you tried to glue or tape it back together? We can replace the key shell and cut a new key blade to code and install your remote and transponder chip into the new key case at a fraction of the cost of a genuine replacement. The most common keys to break are Honda keys, Mitsubishi keys, Suzuki Keys, Hyundai Keys and Toyota Keys.

Broken key extraction, If the key to your car has snapped off in the lock don't try putting glue on the end of the other half, it will only cause you more costly problems. Removing broken keys can require a heap of patience along with years of experience and specialist tools.

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