High Definition Cameras
  • Commercial - Shops
  • Residential - Offices
  • Marine - Apartments

Do you Need A High Quality Secure Surveillance Solution?

We provide CCTV Solutions unique to suit your requirements and to fit your budget. Using high definition Image quality cameras Vs standard definition cameras can make the difference for positive identification of a person of interest in a criminal case.

IP Cameras
  • Vandle Proof - Weather Proof
  • Low Light - Night Vision
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

Custom Camera Systems Designed To Suit Your Application

Your requirements are our concern, we will listen to your requirements and design a system that suits your needs from small systems through to large complex systems, Low light area CCTV systems, cameras that have full pan, tilt & zoom controls can be controlled offsite.

WIFI Cameras
  • View from Smartphone, Computer or Tablet
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Deter Crimes - Prevent Theft

Easy To Use Full Offsite Monitoring

We will setup basic software that's easy to use to monitor your premises, home, workplace simply from your phone or computer to give you peace of mind when you need it. Cameras can also contain built in microphones so that you can also hear what's going on.

Gold Coast's Ultimate Surveillance Camera solutions provided by Imperial Locksmiths

Security Camera & Surveillance Systems, known as CCTV Closed Circuit Television, consist of a security camera, digital video recorder and a monitor. Imperial Locksmiths can recommend a wide range of high quality equipment to bring you next generation solutions for your home and business in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Majority of the time security problems happen when no-one is watching. With Imperial Locksmiths security cameras, you can view a live feed from anywhere in the world using your iPhone, ipad, pc, mac android, phone.

Frequently Asked Questions
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