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Imperial Locksmiths are here to help when a situation arrises where you require a Fast 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith service to help you when you're locked out of your house, apartment, business and even your car.

There may be a situation where your keys have been stolen and you need the locks changed urgently to stop the thief from stealing your possessions or even to keep you safe and secure in your own home.

In many business/retail and office situations an untrustworthy staff member may have been fired/dismissed on the spot and to avoid any retaliation, theft or vandalism the best thing to do would be to make contact with Imperial Locksmiths to have all the locks rekeyed and prevent any future unauthorised access incase the person in question had copies of your keys made.

It is fairly common for keys to be accidentally locked in the boot of a car at shopping centres or the beach. With our specialist tools we can regain entry for you by unlocking your car and retrieve the keys without causing any damage so you can be on your way in a speedy timeframe.

Nothing lasts forever and that includes your locks. When locks fail, it is usually unexpected and inconvenient. You may be using the key that normally works but perhaps due to overuse and wear, a part within the lock may have broken. At Imperial Locksmiths, we understand how lock mechanisms work. For the repair or replacement of faulty locks, or to regain access, we can provide you with an emergency service.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I have just been for a walk along the beach and just come home to realise I have lost my keys, can you get me back in to my apartment? Also can you make me a new key?

A. Yes, we can provide you with our 24Hr emergency service and get you back inside without any damage to your locks by using our specialist tools and skills, we can then change the combination within your lock and supply you with new keys which will stop any possibility of the missing key working.

Q. I've had problems and had to kick my flatmate out of my house, they gave me the key back but I think they may have had an extra key cut, is there anything you can do to stop them.

A. Yes, we can provide you with our 24Hr emergency service and rekey your locks to suit new keys, the existing keys will no longer work and the ex flatmate will no longer be able to access your house with their key they had made.

Q. My house has been broken into and the Police have already come and fingerprinted, I'm going to need a new door and frame as they're damaged. Is there anything you can do tonight so that I can lock my door?

A. Yes, Although the frame and door are damaged we can find a way to secure you door temporally for you until the new door and frame can be replaced during business hours.

Q. I'm trying to open up my office for the day and my key won't work anymore, I have clients arriving shortly. Can you help me quickly?

A. Yes, we can get to you asap. Depending on where your office is located and where we are at the time of the call will determine the timeframe, we will let you know once you call us.

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