Residential Digital Code Locking
  • Keyless Locks
  • Digital Code Pads
  • Electronic Locks

Keyless Locks with code access for convenience.

Doing away with a physical key on your home can make accessing your property much more simple for the family and kids. We can also install an electronic lock that may suit your needs and requirements for holiday letting and airbnb rentals, cleaners, gardeners, pool cleaners etc.

Commercial Electronic Locking Systems
  • Swipe Card / Fob Access
  • Push Button Code Locks
  • Secure Magnetic Locks

Trusted Access Control Systems And Solutions.

We can Supply and Install Electronic locking systems with simple user management software to suit your requirements, whether it's for your office, shop, factory, sporting facility, corporate building, hotel accommodation, from stand alone locks to network integrated locking systems.

Corporate / Strata Access Control Systems
  • Common Building Fob Access
  • Carpark Access Systems
  • Custom Access Solutions

Body Corporate Access Control Security.

Security is important especially where multiple people have access to common areas, we install new systems to limit access to those who are authorised to enter the building and if there's already a system in place we will find a solution to upgrade the existing system as cost efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic access control lock systems provide a whole new dimension of features compared to the traditional lock and key.

In a lot of situations to protect and secure assets, equipment, stock, data and people it is extremely important to restrict access to certain areas of a property or building to only the particular individuals who have the authorisation.

The key fob/card that is issued to an employee or guest contains its own unique personally identifiable identification number which is used to access restricted areas assigned to the user and can be customised to suit their particular responsibilities.

Some extra functions to help with loss prevention and security risk management include: Time schedules can be setup to allow the user access within set time windows of a particular day, Integration with alarm systems to allow arming and disarming automatically,

As users unlock the areas permitted to them the access can be recorded within the system allowing the software manager to bring up an audit trail, recording the date and time users have accessed restricted areas assigned to them.

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