Commercial Grade Locks
  • Commercial Grade Locks & Deadlocks
  • Lock Repairs & Servicing
  • Code Locks & Digital Locks

Commercial Grade Locking Systems Gold Coast

We can supply and install the necessary locks to upgrade the level of security on your commercial premises. We can also repair and service quite a variety of locking systems that may be insecure and requiring attention.

Electronic Security Solutions
  • Electronic Acess Control Systems
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Intruder Alarm Systems

Electronic Lock - Surveillance Cameras - Alarms

Whatever your needs, Imperial Locksmiths can provide you with a custom electronic security solution to suit the requirements that you are looking for and also a solution that fits your budget whether it's for your shop, factory or office.

Master Key Systems
  • Restricted Master Keys Systems
  • Lock Keying Alike to 1 Key
  • Multi Level Master Key Systems

High Security Master Key Systems

We can help you with your key control, we can custom design and install everything from a large multi level restricted master key system for 100's of doors and key levels to a system with just 1 door, we can provide what you need.

Door Closers
  • Repairs & Replacements
  • Hydraulic Door Closers
  • Automatic Door Closers

Automatic Speed Adjustable Door Closing Systems

We can supply and install suitable adjustable door closers that work safely and correctly, specific to the size, weight and frequency of the door. We also service and adjust existing door closers that require maintenance.

Corporate and Commercial Locksmiths Gold Coast

Imperial Locksmiths are total security providers for all corporate and commercial locksmith requirements. We provide a comprehensive range of professional security solutions for businesses of all sizes, our aim is to help deter and defeat theft, shoplifting and break and enter for your business which is achieved by using a combination of physical locks, intruder alarms, closed circuit tv, electronic access control and restricted master key systems.

We are devoted to developing and continuing to provide an ongoing high level of outstanding service to our business clients from the first phone call.

Commercial Grade Deadlocks

Time and time again we see locks that have been installed incorrectly or poorly fitted leaving it very easy for a break in to occur with little effort. We have the skill and knowledge to spot the weak spot on a building and can professionally find a suitable solution.

Safe Lock Servicing & Opening - Safe Cracking

We have a wealth of experience opening and servicing safes, from mechanical safe locks to highly sophisticated electronic time delay vault locks. Combination changes on mechanical and electronic safe locks and opening when the combination has been forgotten, key has been lost or when the lock has failed. Some of the popular brands are, Chubb, CMI, Ilco, Kaba, LaGard, Ross, S&G, Sargent and Greenleaf

Restricted Master Key Systems - Do You Need Key Control?

A master key system allows you to restrict access to certain areas for a sub key and allows access to all areas using a master key. A restricted key system will stop any unauthorised copies of keys being made, for example if a staff member leaves and hands their key back you can be assured that they will not have been able to have had a copy of that key made, meaning that you will save money by not needing to have your locks changed and you can have peace of mind knowing that they will no longer have access to the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I manage an office building that has multiple tenanted offices with quite a few common doors, are you able to change the locks so that seperate tenants can have a key that will only open their individual office but also work all of the common area doors?

A. We can design a Master Key system to suit your needs and this sounds pretty straight forward for us to achieve. We can key the building so that a master key will operate in all locks within the building and then a seperate key for the offices that will only work in the related office as well as every common door that you request.

Q. I have a number of staff that work in my factory, the main door gets left open all the time as some staff members forget to close it. Can you install something the will keep the door closed automatically?

A. Yes we sure can solve this issue by installing a hydraulic door closer for you and the closing speed of the door will be completely adjustable. While we are there we can also check to see if your security needs upgrading.

Q. The lock on my storefront worked fine when we opened up this morning but now we can't lock up for the day, whats happening?

A. There's a few questions we would need to ask to determine what the issue could be, usually it will be a key or lock problem, locks have moving parts and wear out over time, without regular maintenance these types of problems can occur. We can come out and assess the problem and either repair or replace the part or lock that's at fault.

Q. In the past i've had dodgy staff who steal from my shop. I'm not always in my shop but i would like to be able to see whats happening there on my smart phone screen and i would like to give staff a new code each day so I can stop them getting in when the shops closed at night.

A. We can certainly install a CCTV Camera system for you to monitor your store at any time from your apple or android phone , we can discuss the available options that can be setup for the camera system. We can also install an electronic access control system setup and program it to suit your requirements.

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