Need New Locks?

Locks Supplied & Installed

  • Main Door Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Security Screen Door Locks
  • Smart Electronic Locks
  • Digital Code Locks
  • Patio door & Window Locks

All Types of Locks Fitted

It doesn't matter where you're wanting a lock to be professionally installed or whether you're needing a basic lock or highly sophisticated lock fitted, our trade qualified locksmiths will be able to handle the job. We will come to you, No job is too big or small.

Lock Not Working Properly?

Lock Repairs

  • Lock Servicing
  • Lock Adjustments
  • Broken Keys Extracted
  • Locks Picked Open
  • Keys Made From Scratch
  • Lock or Keys Not Working?

All Types of Locks Repaired

We fix lock problems! When locks and keys stop working correctly they can cause a few issues such as, locks start jamming up, the key can keep spinning, the key won't turn at all, keys snap off in the locks, locks just won't lock anymore and the list goes on.

Locked Out? Need New Keys?

Lock Rekeying

  • Lock Combinations Changed
  • New Keys Supplied
  • Locks Keyed Alike
  • Locks Master Keyed
  • Restricted Keying
  • Lock Repinning

All Types of Locks Rekeyed

Some of the the most common reasons locks need to be rekeyed are due to keys being stolen, keys being taken, staff members dismissed, relationship breakdowns and also to make all the locks work on just 1 key, which is quite handy.

Protect Your Family and Home

For All Residential Locksmith services on the Gold Coast, Imperial Locksmith provide a mobile service to suit your requirements.

No matter if you need a new lock fitted or an old lock replaced we can attend to your job and have it sorted, the most popular brands are BDS, Brava, Carbine, Doric, Kaba, Lenlok, Lock Focus, Lockwood, Gainsborough, Lanes, Whitco, Salto and Yale. If it's your front door, security screen door, roller door, gate, cupboard or letterbox lock then Imperial Locksmiths can help you out. Do you have an expensive pivot door that requires a mortice lock to be installed? If so we have the right tools for the job to accurately install the lock with precision.

Most insurance companies will not cover you for contents insurance without have all external doors and windows fitted with keyed locks and deadlocks, we supply and install adequate locks to meet the requirements of your insurance company.

Most unit doors are fire rated which in the case of a fire contain it within that unit and keep the building safe, fire regulations only allow suitable dead latches to be fitted to these doors.

We can open and decode all types of locks, even when you are missing keys to your lock and can't unlock or lock it we are able to make new keys to suit the lock, we have the lock skills to help.

Does someone who you don't know have a key to your house? Unless you've had your locks rekeyed recently then chances are that there is. Previous owners, their friends, family, neighbours, tradesman, rental tenants, real estate agents all could have a key to your place right now and could enter your house without you even knowing. Thats why it's a great idea to have you locks rekeyed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. My handbag was just stolen which contained all of my house key, How can I get Inside and stop those keys from working.

A. We can come out to your property and get you back inside your house by professionally picking the lock for, once you're safely inside we can rekey the locks to your home and provide you with new keys, this will stop the stolen keys from working.

Q. I cannot find a key that works a cupboard that is locked in my apartment, can you open it.

A. We are professional locksmiths who possess the skill of picking locks so yes we can open your lock while causing no damage.

Q. My Insurance company has told me that I need to have deadlocks installed and they will give me a discount if I also have an alarm installed. Do you fit deadlocks and alarm systems?

A. The answer to both of your questions is Yes. We will install deadlocks suitable for your doors and windows and also there are a number of options for an alarm system which we can discuss with you.

Q. I really need a Residential Locksmith to come out and change all the locks on my sliding doors, security sceens locks and letterbox lock but i only have a credit card, Do you accept cards?

A. Yes we will have a mobile eftpos machine available onboard with us when we attend to your job.

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